8 Gay People Answer The Question ‘Would You Want Your Child To Be Gay?’

August 24, 2015

via Flickr - LGBT Uniandino
via Flickr – LGBT Uniandino

Even if we are living in the year 2015, there is still a debate on whether gay couples should be allowed to have children/adopt or not. One of the arguments against it says that gay people will intentionally raise their children to be gay (some people seem really convinced that this could happen), so I went and asked some of my gay friends about this.

Q: If you had children would you want them to be gay?

1. “If there’s something I can assure my hypothetical children will have, it’s unconditional love and freedom of choice. So, it really would be up to them.”

—M, 27


2. “No, I would want my child to be happy and life is hard enough as it is; why make it harder for him? I definitely would love him no matter what: straight, gay or whatever; but if I could magically decide for him I think I would rather him to live a life free from haters and bullies.”

—M, 29


3. “Well, I love being gay and I truly enjoy my life now, but I had some rough years growing up, so I think that if it was up to me, I would spare my kids from those worries.”

—M, 31


4. “I do want to have children and I do not care if they’re straight, gay, bi, or trans; I’m gonna love them with all my heart. Also, I really don’t need permission from anyone to do that, there’s no law against me getting pregnant right?”

—F, 25


5. “I don’t want kids. I want cats, lots of cats! Do cats count? If they do, I’d prefer gay cats, gay cats sound fabulous!”

—F, 27


6. “That’s ridiculous, you can’t choose your kid’s sexuality, I mean, you can’t even choose your own. You are who you are.”

—F, 27


7. “Is that a real argument against gays adopting? Don’t all these people think that if you could raise someone to be gay or straight, my mother (and lots of mothers) would have chosen straight? It’s not that simple, it’s like winning the lottery!”

—M, 22


8. “I hope that when the time comes for me to decide if I want children or not, people will be no longer thinking this is a valid point.”

—F, 19 TC mark

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