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November 19, 2010

Update: This giveaway has ended, but I’m excited to offer you a 25% discount on the Fear to Fuel eCourse. Use code yourluckyday when you make your purchase here.

Two years ago, I was working 70 hours per week without a sense of purpose, passion, or joy. As I wrote before in my post Do, Adjust, Do: A Journey to Meaningful, Satisfying Work, I’ve held nearly 100 different jobs in my time if you count my various freelance and contract gigs.

Why I Held Off on Pursuing Meaningful Work

When I was younger, I assumed it would be easy to do whatever I wanted to do.

It’s that type of innocent arrogance that can push us to either take major risks or procrastinate, thinking everything will fall into place in that elusive someday—when we’re better prepared, better educated, or otherwise ready to finally start the things we talk about doing.

I always worked hard, but because I was too afraid to identify and go after the work that would fulfill me, for years I merely spun my wheels.

I was afraid of trying and not being good enough. I was afraid of failing. I was afraid of succeeding and not being able to maintain momentum. I was afraid people would learn that I’m a fraud—that despite writing about happiness and wisdom, I am still imperfectly human and vulnerable.

Why I Appreciate Fear

Since starting Tiny Buddha and learning as I went, one action step and mistake at a time, I have realized that fear can be a tremendous gift.

I’m not talking about the type of fear that alerts us to actual danger. I’m talking about the type of fear that shines a light on who we can be and what types of thoughts, beliefs, and habits are standing in the way.

Just like a muscle needs to tear to grow stronger, we sometimes need to break ourselves down in order to reemerge. We need to let go of who we are to become who we can be. Our fears show us where there’s work to be done. If we let them, our fears create new strengths.

I actively address many of my fears while running Tiny Buddha. Every time I open my laptop, I encourage myself to be authentic, even when my ego has a different plan. And as I am finishing my book, I remind myself to hold onto the same bravery, both when I’m writing and when I unleash my book to the world.

With this in mind, I was thrilled to meet Karl Staib a while back.

The Amazing Karl Staib

Karl Staib runs Work Happy Now, a blog aligned with his unique career coaching business. His whole angle is that we all have superpowers—or key strengths—and we can be happier and have more fun with work once we identify and leverage them.

Karl decided that instead of letting his fear bully him, it would enhance his superpowers. That’s what he does with his clients and on his blog—helps people overcome their fears and align their work with their skills and personality.

Since I am working with Karl to help hone my professional direction, he recently offered me a free copy of his new eCourse: Fear to Fuel.

Review and Giveaway!

I’ve spent the last week exploring the different sections and interviews, and I’m excited to announce that I’ve obtained two free copies to give to you!

What immediately impressed me about the course is that Karl procured interviews with an amazing selection of visionaries, including Gretchen Rubin of The Happiness Project, Ignore Everybody author Hugh McLeod, and Zappos CEO Tony Hsieh.

I had the opportunity to hear Tony speak last year, and I’ve read his book Delivering Happiness twice.

As someone who always thought of earning money and experiencing happiness as diametrically opposed, I found his perspective inspiring and even life-changing. It is possible to make money while honoring strong values and being true to yourself; and Tony exemplifies that.

The course includes 14 interviews on such topics as:

  • Embracing happiness
  • Finding your own path
  • Going all in
  • Finding productive and meaningful work
  • Discovering your motivator
  • Building a passionate website

In addition to the keynotes, the course contains a detailed guide to dealing with fear and unleashing your superpowers.

Having recently explored emotional intelligence, I particularly enjoyed the section about countering resistance. Karl highlights how our strongest emotion generally leads our thoughts and actions—whether it’s fear, anxiety, or otherwise—but we can interject at any time.

We can decide at any time to stop worrying about everything that could go wrong and instead take responsibility for what goes right.

How to Win Fear to Fuel

To enter the giveaway and potentially win access to the Fear to Fuel eCourse, valued at $99:

1. Comment below.

2. Tweet the following: RT @tinybuddha Overcome Fears–Fear to Fuel eCourse GIVEAWAY  http://bit.ly/aM476s Comment & RT to enter!

You can enter until midnight PST on Monday, November 22, 2010.

If you’d rather not wait to see if you’ll win, you can visit the Fear to Fuel site and grab a copy now. Your purchase will include 13 bonus gifts, including a number of other popular eCourses and eBooks.

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