Funny - Busier than a cucumber (White)

Funny Inappropriate Gift Idea

Funny coffee mugs are an excellent way to express one's humor. These mugs are also a great choice for giving gifts to people who you know enjoy good humor, and who appreciate their sense of humor. The recipient may not be aware that they have an underlying appreciation for comedy, but they will surely enjoy the mug. The mugs are available in a variety of designs and shapes and come in many themes including superheroes, cartoon characters, popular movie characters, animals, etc.


Another type of humorous mug is the "Dirty Humor Mug" which features a picture of a dirty, humorous expression on its label. The Bushier than a has become a favorite with college students as a great gift for a roommate or a friend. "Dirty" mugs are often given to employees in the office as a kind of on-the-job joke among co-workers. The mug is not appropriate for a gift to a boss or supervisor, however, because it can be offensive to other people who don't understand the humor behind the message.


Humorous mugs are available in all price ranges and sometimes are personalized with names, initials, or even a short phrase or word, as well as a date. Some mugs include a funny saying on the label or a funny logo. These mugs are always a favorite gift choice because they are practical! They offer the convenience of a hot beverage and the ability to deliver a personal touch that most people appreciate. Mugs are also one of the most inexpensive gifts you can purchase, making them a great gift idea for any occasion.


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Customer Reviews

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Will buy it again

perfect gift
funny yet not offensive in any way
the print was good too
just the shape of the mug was too generic


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