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With every holiday comes the old-age question, what does a woman want? Unfortunately, most fail spectacularly. The question they need to ask, rather, is what do women love? What women love is something personal, a little homemade, something touching, luxurious, exciting, useful and unique. Read on to find out some of the best Christmas gifts you can get her to make her feel special and memorable during and after the festive season. 
1. Faux-Fur Scarf 
A wildly soft, supremely luxurious navy faux-fur scarf is an amazing gift for the 21st-century woman. She won’t ever want to leave home without it and works great for the cold and windy atmosphere that comes with the snowy Christmas. It makes a fabulous accessory for formal events including weddings, and charity galas. The wrap can be matched perfectly with a sweater, white blouse, and jeans. And, given its entirely polyester construction, she will never have to feel guilty about going around in this furry accessory. Just remind her to spot clean it at home to ensure that it lasts for many more years to come. 
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2. Keychain 
A unique way to go about this is finding the USB tassel kind. It works great for both keys and handbags but what makes the playful fringe special is the fact that it masks a USB charging cord compatible to her phone for an emergency power up. A fair warning though: this attractive accessory could rival you as her BFF seeing as it can give enough of a charge to send off that email before the deadline or even hire an Uber. What’s more, there’s a variety of colors from which you can choose. 
3. Glamorous Eyeliners 
With a set of full-size eyeliners, you can sharpen her makeup routine. Get a kit that includes shades that are easy to pull off, and which come in a creamy and waterproof formula that can stay for as long as 10 hours. Just to be sure that she will always be able to apply it at a moment’s notice, find one that includes a sharpener as well. One packaged in a limited edition box that is artistically designed and custom made could even allow you cross one more thing off of your list. 
4. Custom Mug
Guarantee her a Christmas full of cheer and cheers. A lady like a coffee mug with her name on it or one of her favorite things is one of the sweetest gestures you can ever show her. You could also make it a Christmas themed one; maybe have an elf printed on it or just a symbol that best represents the occasion. Before wrapping it up, you could fill it with her tipple of choice. It will probably be one of the most special gifts she has ever received. 
5. Drop Earrings 
Wanna thrill your polished friend or your glam granny? Find pearl drop earrings. They are pretty iridescence and shimmer just enough to uniquely strike this amazing balance between trendy and refined. Additionally, they can be dressed up with a floor-length gown that’s classy and glitzy or down with skinny jeans and an oversized sweater. These beauties can make an excellent wear-anywhere wardrobe basic. 
6. Envelope Clutch 
Clutches are a woman’s best friend and the best kind is one with a hand strap, which means she won’t need to clutch at all. The hand strap is meant to secure her essentials snugly within the palm of her hand. A large one would be perfect as she doesn’t need to limit herself to just the essentials. It leaves more room for everything she may need to tote along with her. 
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7. Bubble Bath 
Early mornings take a toll on every woman’s toll. A grown-up bubble bath can wash away the stress. A lightly scented pick that’s packed with natural ingredients won’t overwhelm her senses but will definitely leave her skin supple. But a sweet-smelling formula coupled with a pretty bottle can also make it a great piece to leave on the bathroom counter. 
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8. A Coloring Book 
Yes, it seems a little juvenile but there’s actually no age limit to coloring. Research shows that spending time creating art can reduce the levels of stress significantly which makes this a great gift that is not only fun but also good for her state of mind. A good example of such is the Advanced Style coloring book. Adding an array of colored pencils to the book can make it a little more substantial. 
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9. Mittens 
If you have that social media butterfly that will always let her fingers do the talking while she likes, tweets and texts, a great Christmas gift would be a pair of supremely soft mittens. You could find handmade ones for that exquisite custom look with a mitten flap that can be closed or opened. You can also treat her to a matching scarf and hat. Point is she will be showing off the entire ensemble all over Instagram in no time. 
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10. Glitter Clutch Bag 
An accessory as sparkly as to even get the Queen envious can be a great gift to bring your girlfriend. The bright color is great to light up her Christmas and also works perfectly for an accompaniment to a little red dress. Make it just the right size to keep all her essentials while still sitting flash right by her side. 
11. Candles 
And in this case, hot cider candles! They make a perfect choice for a holiday scent that is not as overpowering. The spices bring the aroma straight into her living room even when it hasn’t been used all day. A cozy fragrant experience takes only the strike of a match and the candle can burn for as long as 120 hours. 
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12. Yoga Mat 
A moment of Zen and mindfulness doesn’t have to be boring. She has probably had that navy mat for years and it’s still functional, but it’s probably a little haggard. Find one that is a bit more colorful to invigorate her daily practice especially after Christmas when she steps into the New Year with new goals. 
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13. Statement Jewellery
One way you can wrap your head around the bracelet/ necklace idea is going with the initial cuff that she can wear with a sweater and jeans on weekends or even flash at power meetings. Your better half may never get caught trying the biggest accessory trends of the year but an statement necklace is simply irresistible. It works for even the most conservative dressers. 
14. Cake Stand 
An avid baker who always has on hand homemade goodies could really use one of these. A piece that is handcrafted works the Christmas magic not just for its amazing matte finish but for the sturdy stature as well. Those intricate pies and gorgeous cakes deserve to be put on a pedestal and a cake stand crafted out of real wood makes a great platform to display the best of her work. 
15. A Ring 
For every woman, jewelry happens to be such an easy gift. What would guide your selection is her style; is it feminine or more edgy? Any modern minimalist would love a gold-plated ring with a powerful message etched in it. It can go with just about any outfit in her wardrobe.For the wife, adding another wedding band would be a great idea. 
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16. Bracelet Stack 
You might be trying hard to find something special that was specifically made for her. Build her a bracelet stack. Not only is it a gift fun to give and receive, it also shows how well you know her and she get to own a stack of bracelets. Choose the colors she loves and comes up with a variety of designs she will look great in. 
17. Slipper Moccasins 
There may not be anything special in slippers but you can find a pair and make them special. How about one that will make her feel like she is walking on the clouds? Ensure that your selection will be able to add a distinct personality to what might have been just a simple design. That would definitely make her Christmas special. 
18. Candle Holder 
Modernists will find it a sweet gesture to receive one of these. The secret is to make it simple and refined to accent her table while standing strong solo or as a pair. But don’t forget to include some tapers so that they can be used right away on Christmas or on
Year’s New Eve. 
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19. Blush Palette 
If your BFF is a makeup master, you can thrill her with a rainbow of beauty products. Prior to gifting, you can experiment by using the shades to achieve the different yet flattery looks. It’s ideal for that friend who is constantly complaining about not finding the right shade for her cheeks, that novice makeup artist whose obsession is mastering all the beauty tutorials she can find and the girl who is always glam – probably just about all the women on your list. 
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20. Shot Glass 
A glitzy shot glass made in the shape of a laboratory beaker will make her feel luxurious when serving her signature cocktail. A different, bigger version of these can be used as bud vases to style up the top of her vanity. 
21. Candy Jar 
This is the gift a friend who favors natural materials and neutrals will hold onto for life. If it is reminiscent of an upscale gumball machine, it is practical and works as a welcoming piece for her entryway table where guests can pick up sweets. A handmade one can also look impressive when it’s filled with peanuts and placed atop a bar. 
22. A Cute Beanie 
On a blustery, snowy Christmas afternoon, she needs to keep warm. A seriously soft and adorable beanie is as trendy as it is practical. But make it stretchy enough to fit most crowns comfortably. She can wear it while running errands on the weekends, on the ski slopes or on her way to work. Reminder, it has to complement her outfit. 
23. Crossbody Bag 
Any lady on the move would think of this as something worth accessorizing with and one that defies the norm. An unbelievably versatile and simple design can make her look elegant enough to make whatever fashion statement she finds appealing. It’s a convenient option that she can move around with while carrying all her necessities throughout the day. 
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24. Perfume 
Whether your mom is notorious for her highly developed sense of smell or best friend is known for her bibliophile tendencies, both will fall for a sweet packaging from a great fragrance collection. Find a fragrance that captures a unique facet of the complex experience of falling in love, one that suits her perfectly and makes it fresh, floral or spicy; whatever title describes her love story. 
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25. Glass Water Bottle 
With an environmentally friendly and dishwasher safe glass bottle, she can stay healthy and hydrated throughout the day. A silicone exterior works as an element that makes it easier to get a grip on after a sweaty workout. A compact size will ensure that not much of her space is taken up and a small spout would reduce spills. You can find a colored one and gift her her favorite’s to make sipping on the go a vibrant activity. That’s a great thirst-quenching deal, right? 
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26. Jeweled Sunglasses 
Actual diamond may be way out of your budget but you can go for the next big thing. Bejeweled sunglasses that come in a shimmering hue can make her eyes sparkle. They can elevate any outfit instantly and are the gift you will feel good about giving on Christmas. 
27. Lipstick Palette 
If she finds one good, then getting a couple of them would be way better. A lipstick palette with a few different hues that work for every skin tone and mood are an easy way to the heart of your favorite woman. They make an ideal gift for any beauty junkie, allowing her to try out a couple of new shades, and the options are endless as she can mix or even layer them. 
28. Ceramic Household Items
Any hostess with the mostest would love an oblong pair of bowls, an espresso cup, utensils holder, just about anything that can dress up everything be it soup or nuts for an unforgettable Christmas. You only need to ensure that none are alike yet all are still made in a unique technique with a glossy glaze finish. Ceramic bowls are not only food-safe; they also make such an amazing ornamental piece that can be shown off on a shelf. The same is true for mugs and utensil holders. Handmade ceramic items can come off as personal so if you are going to a range of them, make them of varying bright colors (women love colors). 
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29. Wine Bag 
A bottle of her all-time favorite vintage wine is perfect especially if she is expecting it. You can kick up your prowess a notch by getting gorgeous, handmade reusable wine bag. It makes a pretty good gift for wine-loving friends and hostesses alike and beats the old in-store foil wrapping. You could choose one of a color you feel speaks the most about her but metallic gold and silver would fell more festive. 
30. Minimalist Folio 
For that hardworking woman you admire, this makes a sophisticated accessory. But most especially, make it a bit roomier to tote her pens, cell phone, notebook and tablet about town or around the office. A neutral blush color would be great for everyday use but also think of other options that may suit her better. 
31. Mini Martini Giftset 
To the holiday season and her, raise a toast with individual-sized stainless steel martini shakers. Surprise her with chocolate covered almonds if she is a fan of stuffing them in the mixer. The shaker can work as an ornament for the shelf of her bar too. To add a personal touch, you can customize the product with her initials or name. 
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32. Exfoliating Body Scrub 
If she works so hard, you could consider bringing the spa to her. Your choice has to be pleasant to transform the elusive quiet time into an actual moment of zen. Ensure it is friendly to both her skin and the environment and that it can gently slough away and get rid of the dead skin cells to keep her skin hydrated and bright and her body refreshed for the festivities. 
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Christmas gifts do not really need you to invest as much thought into making her feel special. You can surprise your best friend, sister, mom or that special woman in your life with these creative ideas. The secret is in making it simple yet personal. It doesn’t take as much effort. 

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