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7 Things To Know Before Buying Your Yoga Pants

Whether you are yogi, runner, working mom or simply working out in a gym, it’s critical to pay special attention to what you wear to your yoga sessions, just as is with almost every other physical activity. 
A majority of people now has an understanding on the benefits of yoga, working out, running, cycling .. and as the days go by, it seems to be gaining more and more popularity as a brilliant method for reinforcing muscles and burning calories. If you are looking to gain the best results from workout, comfort is a key factor of consideration. And yoga pants are an easygoing outfit unconfined to shading or a solitary brand and accessible in an assortment of patterns and hues to guarantee you a perfect workout session. Because they come in a wide variety of color, fabric, style and even tradition, it can be a little difficult to decide on one that can provide ultimate comfort without having to spend so much money. To help you narrow down your search on what to look for before buying yoga pants, we have outlined the following key features based on customer reviews and expert testing that can greatly influence your purchasing decision. 

#1  Will the Design Complement Your Body Type? 

People have different bodies, meaning there are specific designs that will complement everyone’s body differently. Choosing a design that perfectly matches your body type is also important. There are high-waist, mid-waist and low-rise options for yoga pants. High-waist and mid-waist pants are better able to compliment curves by tilting your hips and butt up while providing a flattering silhouette whereas the low-rise fit has a waistband set at about two inches beneath the navel, making it favorable and preferable for petite body types. Nonetheless, they all come in a variety of fashionable styles that provide varying amounts of coverage. Have fun with and exploit all available styles. Particularly, women craving a fashionable twist can benefit from trendy features such as braided racerback straps and countless prints and colors. 

Versatility also applies to your yoga workout wardrobe, carrying you from the warm months of the year and cold ones too. It’s easy to overspend when seasons change but you can avoid it altogether by looking for items that can layer easily when it gets cold. In this respect, the length of your yoga pants is very important and probably the first feature to assess when looking for the best pair. Generally, yoga pants will come in two kinds of length – Capri and full-length. In this case, weather can be a great factor of consideration. 

You can choose to wear shorts for your yoga practice when the sweltering summer heat takes over. However, if you are not so comfortable with shorts, Capris can be an ideal length as well. Since they cover your thighs, they can be a great option that will keep you comfortable if you are a shy person. However, when temperatures drop, they may not be as useful. Full-length pants and leggings are a highly recommended, awesome alternative to go with when it gets cold and also double up as casual-wear that you can walk in around town. Because the long ones can be a bit of a problem, however, most people tend to prefer bootcut pants. Nonetheless, if you want to get the best deals, consider shopping during the off-season to get the best deals and offers. 

Fitting legging

#2 Test fabric stretch before and after

These should be your primary focal points of concern when selecting yoga pants. You want a fabric that feels smooth, soft and silky, not one that rubs or irritates your skin while performing. Part of this is the flexibility designed into the pants and the kind of movements you are likely to get from them. When trying to get comfort from your yoga pants, it’s always better to think more about fit not as a matter of size because if you think of standardized sizes, it doesn’t always fit the bill. 
For beginners still practicing the basic types of yoga, and yoga pants will work perfectly as long as they provide the ultimate level of comfort until the extensive stretching and challenging poses kick in. To make sure for legging is stretchy enough while still being comfortable. The material should restore its original form after stretching.
Stretchy leggings
Although you may be tempted to hide beneath baggy layers, you will find that you feel more confident and sure of yourself when wearing pants that look good on you and play up your assets. Feeling good about yourself can encourage you to exercise even more often. While clothing trends for workout wear are likely to change, the basics never go out of style. You may add a couple of new trendy pieces to your wardrobe but still keep your classic, timeless yoga pants. In all situations, however, a perfect fit is essential; yoga pants that are too loose or too tight around the waist can make you uncomfortable while exercising. It is advisable to be aware of your size and find pants that fit you. This greatly determines how much you enjoy and gain from yoga. 

Always look for pants made from a fabric that can stretch. Stretch fabrics exist in two types – the 2-way kind that stretches in one direction and the 4-way that can stretch both horizontally and vertically. Because you are bound to move your body a lot while doing yoga, pants made from a material that can stretch will make it easier for you to move. This provision for a great range of movement is what influences the quality of your workout at the end of the session. Compression is also an important factor to consider in yoga pants. Most people like to have a bit of compression around the tummy area, which helps improve blood circulation while maximizing comfort and minimizing the possibility of muscle soreness and fatigue when working out. Considering its tight fit, it’s also important in providing support for the boy and speeding up recovery from injury. 

stretch yoga pant

#3 Is it a Dry-Fast Material? 

If you tend to perspire a lot, you need a base layer that can keep you dry and comfortable. Excellent wicking compatibility avoids discomfort after exercise sweat. This is where the significance of synthetic materials is greatly felt. Synthetic materials can ventilate moisture faster than cotton and are much quicker to dry, which are key consideration factors for staying comfortable and avoiding embarrassing sweat marks. They are also quite resistant to the discoloration associated with sweating and color-running from constant washing. New trends have been able to curb this, however, with developments of fabrics such as Supplex, (basically considered a nylon variant) that has better breathability properties. 

One thing that is cuts across all these fabrics, however, is their excellent moisture-wicking qualities and the fact that they are shrink-resistant and the addition of spandex, otherwise referred to as elastane or Lycra that allows them to stretch without getting deformed. However, they may not feel as comfortable to your skin as is with natural alternatives and unless they are anti-odor-treated, they might create an unpleasant smell, especially when combined with sweat. Polyester blended with Lycra or any other synthetic material can be an excellent option that dries quickly, keeping you warm in the winter and cool in summer, even when wet. 

          yoga pants quick dry

#4 Is it a Breathing Material? 

Cheap Yoga clothes that are too thick, don't breathe properly, stick to you during the sweaty workout, which results raise your body temperature. The material should be breathable which helps your leg dry. Check out the pore opening of the legging and make sure it's breathable. Don't get confused by pore design just on the surface level.
breathe yoga clothing

#5 Do They Have Pockets?

Yoga pants  with pockets for phone is another checkpoint, and in some scenarios, this is a nice addition; you stay in a hotel and need a place to keep your room's key card when going to the gym; you can throw in your house keys when going to walk the dog; you need to dash off to the store and have to slip a 20 dollar bill in your pocket; you need someplace to keep your phone while working out. All these have one thing in common - they are in no way related to yoga. For this reason, a key pocket is not really a feature to factor in considering the fact that you will be bending and folding like a pretzel. But it can't be such a big deal especially if it's discrete and easy to ignore. 

Yoga pants with pockets for phone

#6 Curbing the See-Through Challenge 

Making sure the material is NOT see through. Your choice of yoga pants could be influenced by the type of workout you’re participating in. The difference in yoga types is mainly influenced by the styles employed. However, one commonly segregated type is hot yoga. As the name suggests, it’s done under high temperatures which definitely means that it will make you extra sweaty which is why more focus should be placed on the breathability and passing see-through challenge of the legging. Because you’ll be sweating a lot, it’s important to avoid one-colored pants that could give you a wet stain that can be a little embarrassing and so uncomfortable. In this regard, printed yoga pants will be the logical choice. They can provide you with the same level of breathability and comfort while hiding the extra sweat the material is unable to eliminate at the same rate you are sweating. Very thin lightweight pants are a great option for hot yoga, too. However, there’s the risk of them being see-through but a printed design can remedy this. 

Crotch Proof Leggings

#7 Look for proper stitching

In order to reach the ultimate level of relaxation, it’s important to factor in any other additions that are bound to make it more rewarding for you. This is why most yoga pants have gussets. Gussets are the small parts of material sewn into the crotch area that prevents the pants from putting too much pressure and causing discomfort. They might seem like very little detail in the design but they can actually do wonders in terms of comfort. Gussets warrant more durability for the yoga pants without which the stretching part of the practice can be more restricting and less comfortable. Similarly, they are subject to damage from simple poses and stretching. They can be triangular or diamond-shaped and could be made either from the same material used in the rest of the pants or sewn into the pants for yogis who prefer to go without underwear. Most manufacturers will not state this feature in their specs but you can read customer reviews or ask if it’s included. Universal-sized yoga pants typically lack this feature which is probably why they are generally cheaper. This feature plays an important factor between the price difference between 15 dollar and 90 dollar leggings. 

Yoga pant four needle six line stitching

If you have practiced other sports before and bought sports apparel, you must have noticed that almost all sports clothing is made mainly from synthetic material. While there are people who prefer to stick to natural alternatives, the synthetic material has always proved more favorable and here’s why: 

1. Wicking – The moisture management system offered by synthetic materials is far better than cotton. Most of these options are made with one or multiple layers with the ability to wick moisture from the skin, transporting it to the upper layers of the pants. This way, the process of moisture elimination is faster, keeping you dryer and more comfortable. It also saves you from sweat marks, which are totally normal yet somehow embarrassing. 

2. Compactness – Synthetic materials are able to maintain their shape for years, unlike cotton which tends to stretch and deform after every use. The reason being that all yoga pants made from synthetic materials contain a certain percentage of spandex that allows them to stretch as much as you want them to while retaining their shape when you get back to your initial position. 

3. Anti-odor treatment – The main disadvantage of synthetic material is the exceptional smell they produce when combined with sweat – Micrococcus bacteria have been found to thrive on the unique structure of these synthetic fibers. Once these bacteria digest the fatty acids in sweat, they produce a compound that’s more noxious than the bacteria in cotton fibers. To remedy this, anti-odor treatment was developed that allows manufacturers to incorporate silver chloride in the construction of the fabrics as a bacterial deterrent. 

4. Pilling – Another common issue that affects yoga pants, threatening their longevity is the dreaded pilling. Unlike cotton, which is pretty much resistant to pilling, synthetic materials can start to pill after a certain period of time and with a couple of washes. Regardless of the gentleness of the structure, pilling is inevitable as it’s majorly caused by abrasion and wear through friction that loosens some fibers. No matter the brand or type of yoga pants you choose, they will start to change with time. It’s generally recommended to stick to a reasonable budget but still go for an option that will last you for the season while providing you the comfort and durability you need. 
5. Pilling Check the material  – The fact that yoga is an exercise implies that you are bound to sweat when on it. It’s important to look out for breathable fabrics that can absorb sweat from your body while keeping your basal temperature moderated. Cotton is generally considered the most breathable material but it’s avoiding in the production of sports apparel for a good reason – it is a highly absorbing material. Even though it feels nice and soft to the skin, it may not be as reliable seeing as it takes a little longer to eliminate the absorbed sweat. 
6. Size Chart  – Here is a chart for choosing the right size. Please be careful with size choice as we all have different body type. This will give you a rough idea.

Bottom Line 

Wearing the right pair of yoga pants can make the whole difference between an enjoyable workout session and an hour of misery. Investing in some stylish, yet comfortable yoga pants can be a perfect motivation to get you moving. With the growing popularity of yoga and the yoga apparel industry, you can easily get caught up in the fashion practice of the practice. Of course, it’s an equally important part of it but ultimately, yoga is more about experiencing your true self regardless of what you’re putting on, and achieving liberation from the cycle of life and death – though it doesn’t hurt to look amazing while doing so.
  1. Is Design Complimentary?
  2. Is  Fabric Stretchable?
  3. Is It Dry Fast Material?
  4. Is It Breathing Material?
  5. Is Pocket Available?
  6. Is it See Through?
  7. Is it Properly Stitched?
If your busy and can't check everytime you make a purchase you can check out our workout collection which qualifies all your needs. 

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